Pine Rivers Park Pipeline and Creek Bed Stabilisation

GANDEN Christopher Contracting to deliver the D&C Contract for remediation of a dilapidated DN1200 MSCL trunk water main and creek rehabilitation located at Pine Rivers Park, Strathpine, QLD. 

The existing trunk main was located within Pine Rivers Creek bed within the tidal range with the crown exposed, severely corroded and in danger of imminent failure. It was not possible to take the pipeline out of service for repair. Christopher Contracting exposed the pipe to allow inspection and metal thickness testing. GANDEN subsequently designed a structural repair system which was welded to the crown of the pipe. The annulus between pipe and repair system was then grouted and the concrete encasing reinstated around the pipe.

The creek bed had been significantly eroded in the vicinity of the pipe crossing. GANDEN designed the creek bed rehabilitation works using gabion baskets and reno mattresses.


  • Civil Engineering Design

Year Completed


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