A week we will never forget.

Nick Steer and Darron Nutt were guests of WaterAid in Timor Leste this week.

The small group of WaterAid supporters had the privilege to be the first non-Timorese people to ever visit a village to see what wonderful work WaterAid do.

In this town, water dribbled from a spring a few kilometres away and was fed into a series of bamboo channels by the village, but with not enough flow to provide sufficient water.

Young girls were tasked with walking several kilometres each day to get water for the village, which meant missing school.

WaterAid installed several concrete tanks and taps so water could be easily accessed at all times. The village elder was proud to show us the infrastructure provided.

We were given the friendliest welcome ceremony and were certainly made to feel like celebrities for the day.

We also visited a remote school in the mountains and saw a new toilet facility provided by WaterAid, visited a rudimentary health centre, visited the Dili Water Treatment Plant and met with politicians and the water company in Dili.

Thanks to the WaterAid Australia and WaterAid Timor Leste teams for such a well-organised, informative and life-changing experience.

The funds WaterAid Australia raises makes a massive difference to people with so much less than what we have.