QUU Potable Water Boosters

Options analysis and detailed design of 2 replacement potable water booster pump stations located in Ashgrove and Toowong in Brisbane. The existing pump stations remained operational during the construction period, with only a small window available for change over. The new pump stations were designed to allow for construction to be completed before the existing pump stations were taken off line. Both pump stations are located in constrained spaces within road reserves and in close proximity to existing houses, parkland and the Toowong cemetery. Consultation was undertaken with the Council arborist and parks officers to ensure the protection of existing trees and to select a location which minimised the impact on public amenity. A low profile retractable acoustic cover was incorporated into the design to provide weather and and vandalism protection and to minimise the noise and visual impact on the surrounding residents. In order to accommodate large variances in flow rate and head, a 4 pump arrangement was adopted at both sites, with one small jockey pump for overnight low flow periods and 3 large pumps for day time and fire flow operation.


  • Civil Design
  • Structural Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Hydraulic Modelling
  • Functional Description

Year Completed


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