Nambour MBR Plant Major Upgrade - Process Advisory

The 9.8 ML/d ADWF Nambour Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade D&C contract was performed by Downer-Tenix. The upgrade included:-

  • Inlet Works – coarse screens, fine screens, grit removal
  • Bioreactor – bioselectors, anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic
    zones with Koch-Puron ultrafiltration membranes
  • Blowers
  • Aerobic digestion, two centrifuges and sludge hopper
  • Chemical dosing (aluminium sulphate, polymer, citric acid, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide)
  • Septage receival facility
  • Odour control unit
  • Service water system
  • Compressed air system


  • Process technical advisor to Unitywater

Year Completed


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